“GEO ”来源于Green (绿色)、Ecology (生态)、Organic(有机)

北京beat365亚洲官方网站首页网址(Beijing G.E.O. Coffee Co.,Ltd.)成立于2004年8月,是由大乐门香港有限公司建立的专业beat365亚洲官方网站首页网址烘焙工厂。

Beijing G. E. O. Coffee Co.,Ltd. established in 2004 August. It is a professional poffee baking factory that invested by Dynam HONG KONG Co., Ltd.
“GEO” represents “ Green、Ecology and Organic” . Our company takes those three words as our tenet to do production management and dedicate to create a vivid and colorful Chinese coffee culture.
Our company has strong and solid fund and technologies, and all the equipments were imported from Japan and Italy. The product line adopts plenty of advanced technologies, with a high degree of automation, large productivity, and stable product quality. And we are going to be the leading company in the roasted coffee company.




Research and produce the production of roasted coffee bean and coffee powder.

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